Books About the Bride of Christ


Chase down transformation and don't let it go. I blazed a trail so you don't have to. Seven books written for and about the bride of Christ serve as  guides to the transformation you yearn for. Check them out and find intimacy with Christ a way of life.

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If you are ready to take action and create the outcomes you want, we offer coaching programs to assist you in the process. Pursue a more focused level of intentional growth through our transformational coaching services.


Cracking The Bridal Code To Transformation

From Genesis to Revelation, God's Heart is Set on a Bride. This is Her Story.

Coach instructing clients


Coach instructing clients

Discover the secrets to the bride of Christ’s readiness.

  • Find out the eye-opening truths of who she is.

  • How do we reject His voice and what are the results of that?

  • Celebrate what it means to be His counterpart.

  • Identify His bride and His relentless love throughout all of scripture.

  • What does intimacy with God really mean?

  • Get free of the biggest hindrances to intimacy.

  • Scripture tells us she is a garden, but what does that mean?

  • Identify the bride and the New Jerusalem.

The Wedding Day

He hid her for eons so that only those whose hearts beat with besotted love for God would know He seeks her. Only the hungry and thirsty would seek the Source, the One who makes her heart sing and to whom she entrusts everything. 

The Church is in trouble. Many in leadership are leaving the Evangelical Church. This book examines:

  • Why will many in the Church miss the rapture?

  • How to overcome disastrous Jack in the Box faith.

  • Discover the cheap gospel that makes the Church weak?

  • Why our model of revival is not enough.

  • Overcome Eden’s legacy.

  • Discover the mind-boggling connection between the bride and the Gates of Hell.

  • Master 7 Keys of the Kingdom that are your bridal legacy.

  • Learn the amazing principles to maintain His presence and delight His heart.

It is time for the Bride to come forth unto love, wholeness, integrity, fidelity and readiness. Join the movement.

Investigate Life Changing Courses

Debra's Books Teach How to Make Progress Through Pain

How much pain are you willing to deal with to make positive progress? How much pain are you willing to endure to accomplish your goals? How much pain are you willing to process in order to get “unstuck”? In this dynamic teaching you will discover why the easy route really isn’t: 

  • How Avoiding Pain Can Make It Worse 

  • The Ways Adversity Makes You Stronger 

  • The Pain That Hurts You Versus Pain That Changes You 

  • How to Grow in Courage and Determination 

  • Using Failure as Fuel to Motivate You 

Coach instructing clients

These Are 4 of Debra's Life Changing Books

From God's Bridal Song to the bride's problem with shame and fear, we have you covered.

In these books you will learn:

  • How to get ready for Him.

  • How to avoid the trap of the false bride.

  • How to overcome family slavery and others who take advantage of you.

  • How to conquer past shame, pain and today's confusion.

  • How to crush anxiety and fear's power and learn to really trust God.

  • How we get from enslaving passions, dumb behaviors and focusing on unneeded things to bridal maturity.

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Julie Moody

Before working with Coach Debra, I was struggling with shame, but did not know it.

Something Debra said about shame let God put a finger on an incident from my past. I am now free from a level of pain I did not know influenced me.

Thank you Debra for sharing your victories to give me hope.

Patty Magnuson

Before I met Coach Debra, I was hiding from life and let others take the lead in almost everything. Debra helped me work through why I was hiding and how to become more confident. Her grasp of how poor boundaries, choices, fear, and shame keep us from God's best is amazing. Today I am a different person than when I met her. Her grasp of scripture has been a big help to me. If you want a changed life, work with Debra.


Your book is very exciting. You are a great storyteller. This makes your book even more appealing. You make scripture come to life almost like a movie.
What are you waiting for? Get your copy today!
~ Launch Team Member Cheryl

It's one of those books that you just can't put down. The Bride, the Bridegroom, the way you created scenes in the mind about such love and beauty, the scripture comes alive. It's just thrilling."
Launch Team Member Laura

Wow! Your book is fantastic! I'm excited about what you are sharing and how you are putting it!
Launch Team Member Mike



Tired of the Hamster Wheel?


Driven People

Are you driven? Perhaps driven to succeed because of perfectionism. Or is there something deeper? Something that causes you to be driven and perfection motivated. Are you someone who can go from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds? Do you experience a lot of emergencies?

Passive People

Are you aware that the passive person and the driven person live with the same problem? Both wonder why they are the way they are and both have the same root problem causing their choices.


Forgiveness and Hearing God’s Voice


You may wonder, what do forgiveness and hearing God’s voice have to do with one another? One thing you may have noticed is that God speaks to us to train His people and bring freedom and life change. Many believe they cannot hear or are unworthy to hear His voice. Yet, He calls us to life change, to become like Him. He would not require this of us and then cut us off from His voice.



Come to Him Unveiled


But we all with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory are being transformed into His glory with increasing likeness.” 2Cor. 3:18


Hear the Call

Come to the Bridegroom with an unveiled face. He desires you, to be known by you and fellowship with you. He sets you free from sin, shame and fear and transforms you with His glory. Trust Him, be vulnerable with Him and fulfill your destiny.

How can you be ready for the Bridegroom? Do you know Him as you desire? You can. Join the quest to know God intimately.