Tired of the Hamster Wheel?

freedom mindset Feb 02, 2024
man running on hamster wheel

Driven People

Are you driven? Perhaps driven to succeed because of perfectionism. Or is there something deeper? Something that causes you to be driven and perfection motivated. Are you someone who can go from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds? Do you experience a lot of emergencies?

Passive People

Are you aware that the passive person and the driven person live with the same problem? Both wonder why they are the way they are and both have the same root problem causing their choices.

Choices Determine Our Future

The driven person chooses to speed up, take life by the throat, and shake as much out of it as possible. There is an underlying reason, but they do not comprehend the reason. The passive person decided long ago to hide in the corner and avoid conflict. They may tell you why, but they do not know the actual cause either. Yet they both suffer from the same wound.

Another irony is that they often blame God when things go wrong. Yet, their choices put them in situations where God cannot bless them. In other words, their choices allow the enemy access to them. The truth is the enemy has influenced them for years as they accept a narrative that their behavior is necessary because of __________________. They are stuck because, like most of us, they do not recognize the narrative that motivates their actions. That narrative has many layers and nuances of meaning and the enemy has perfected hiding it from their conscious mind. Their reaction is knee jerk and a part of them a part of their identity, but their identity is false.

Did they grow up thinking I will be a driven person or I will be a passive person? No one thinks that way, yet that is what they became, or have they? If we make choices that cause this kind of identity, then we can make new choices, but how?

This is where coaching can help.

Who are we really? What is our true self like? Why is conforming to the image of Christ so hard? How do we hear God’s voice so we can respond in better ways and overcome things that make it difficult to obey and draw near to God? How do we escape the hamster wheel?

God has answers. He would not expect us to be transformed into Christ’s image and leave us without resources to do so. We are familiar with church attendance, bible study and reading, prayer and worship, but sometimes we need what interaction with others provides as well. Something beyond just fellowship. But many live with the same wounds, even many leaders, and do not know how to help at the level needed.

There is hope. God is with us, and He connects us with truth to set us free. If you are ready for answers, book a strategy call and find hope.



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